Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Simple H-Bridge Tutorial

A little while ago I made a couple electronics videos on basic H-bridge design concepts. They're intended to be introductory, but unlike other introductory sources that focus on quick and dirty (and all too often incorrect or hazardous) implementations, these tutorials focus more on design thinking and avoidance of hazards.

Part 1: How NOT to Build an H-Bridge Motor Controller

This video looks at several popular H-bridge designs that don't work as advertised. We investigate why these designs are hazardous, and steer newbie roboticists away from common pitfalls that can damage your electronics, and even your health.

Part 2: How to build a proper H-bridge that probably won't catch fire

Now that you know how not to do it, we'll design a basic fully-functional H-bridge with BJT transistors from scratch. The video focuses on practical design thinking that applies to a wide variety of H-bridge designs.